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Why A9Mdesign

At A9Mdesign, we do more than build websites. We take into account a client’s overall needs when it comes to web design, search engine optimization and marketing. Our team of web developers, graphic designers, content writers, interviewers, animators, information systems architects and business development strategists will create not only a great looking website, but one that will help you increase your business opportunities and quality leads.

We Are Passionate About Sustainable Web Design, Which means designing, building, and coding a website to be as efficient as possible. Our design philosophy is less is more... and this translates into a greener planet and faster websites.

Sustainability is a meta concept, meaning it provides a high-level rationale for other design and development principles as varied as iterative design, Web Performance Optimization (WPO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Did you know that there are about 500 million tweets per day, and the CO2 contribution is .02 grams of carbon per day. That is 10 metric tons per day. The is also true for searches.

So based on best practices that encourage a lean MOBIL FIRST web design and SEO that makes the energy used both by electricity and a persons time minimal! We believe that it is great that Rackspace plants trees, but if more websites were built using sustainable web design, the Internet could become a GREEN environment. Call us today for a evaluation!

A GREEN Internet is...

  • Designed with a Mobile First Concept
  • A Websites Built For Users, Not Search Engines
  • Clear and Clean Navigation Structures That Lead To RELEVANT CONTENT!
  • Quality Content and Inbound Links to INDEX Your Site Properly
  • Use Less Resources Like Flash (do not use for new designs), and Compress Graphic Files
  • Optimize For Fewer Server Requests, NO Duplicate Content, or 301 Redirects
  • Optimize all HTML, CSS, and Scripts to Render Efficiently. Be Careful of Companies That Outsource Because the Code that is Produced is GIGANTIC! Software Engineers Call it Spaghetti Code, AND YOU DO NOT WANT THIS.
  • Minimize Widgets and Sharing Buttons Because they Contribute Unnecessary Traffic, Generate CO2 Emissions, and Absorb Our Time. As Web Developers... it is Our Duty to Our Client and Our Planet to Always Be Conscious of the Decision We Make When Architecting a Website for Sustainability.

Read this article from .Net "Save the planet with sustainable web design practices".

Did you Know? Pixels are powered by electricity and data centers use 30 BILLION Watts world wide, which is equivalent to 63 million 50" plasma TVs.

Penetrating existing markets requires special analytical techniques and skills to discover the roll various Internet components are playing on your website. Whether your goal is to attract new customers or increase market share with existing clients, we will directly work with you to build a site that fits your needs.

A9Mdesign cares about its clients. Our team is invested in the communities in which we work. As a member of the Chicago Interactive Design & Development (CIDD), Schaumburg Business Association and the networking group, CEO Forum, we want to see our fellow members’ businesses succeed. Building business opportunities for Chicago and its surrounding suburbs helps our area grow economically.

If you want quality work, done with a company that cares, call A9Mdesign today and let us help you make your website work for you. Call A9Mdesign today at 847-843-1089 or email us. View Paul Meyers's profile on LinkedIn

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